Full Version: Liberal Party NEC Statement - London fatal knife crime
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The Liberal Party notes with despair the latest series of knife related murders in the UK capital, which brings the total so far this year to a heart breaking 119, with 5 fatal stabbings in the last 6 days.
The unrelenting nature of such fatal stabbing’s points to the development of an unchallenged youth culture characterised by a disengagement from society and a lack of respect for the fragility of human life.
Remorseless cuts to police budgets nationally in the name of austerity have curtailed engagement with local communities and a lack of local intelligence gathering as forces attempt to balance demands on their time and resources.
The party welcomes local initiatives to engage with the youth of the capital such as London Violence Reduction Unit, recently launched  to reduce the availability of bladed weapons and to fund a meaningful and sustained increase in police numbers.