Full Version: Letter to loacla media - Latest Reading traveller encampment
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I noted this morning that a small band of travellers are now encamped on the corner of the Oxford Road entrance to the Stadium Industrial estate(15th Sept). It would be interesting to know how many have simply moved there from the Granville Road encampment?

Unfortunately such visitations are going to continue to occur until Reading Borough Council adopts a more practical response to such incursions. Rather than rushing round to evict, it could start by providing the 7 dedicated parking spaces RBC were advised they should provide 11 years ago.

This would at least give RBC some control over where such visitation occur and reduce friction with local residents over alleged anti-social behaviour.

Once the council is able to better manage such visitations, I might then be able to address the two most common complains I hear about travellers communities, which is their prolific rubbish dumping, and a casual disregard for the law.

The latter is in part a by-product of the cycle of incursion and eviction which simply moves traveller families from one illegal site to another. This perpetuates their game of hide and seeks with the council and reinforces their disregard for the rule of law as they do so.